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Sports movies are more than just embodying the life stories of real players or fictional stories shedding light on a specific sport such as golf, football, basketball, or martial arts. It is a success story of how a person, with passion and dedication, was able to reach his goals even if he had a tough childhood or comes from hard circumstances, with hard work all goals can be achieved.

At VOX Cinemas Qatar, we've selected the best sports films from all over the world that will teach you perseverance, patience, and never giving up until reach the purpose.

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Have you ever tried to live the dream with our movies' heroes  and go through all the obstacles side  by side with them ? Sports films give you the opportunity not only to enter the ring or the stadium but to delve into the details of the player's lives where there are many moments when tears and laughter mixed with drops of sweat and blood until they reached glory.

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