Latest science-fiction movies showing now at VOX Cinemas Qatar

Science fiction movies are always popular because they satisfy human curiosity about extraterrestrial life forms, alien worlds, extrasensory perception, and time travel, along with futuristic elements such as spacecraft & robots.

At VOX Cinemas Qatar we will give you the opportunity to watch your science fiction superheroes and travel to faraway worlds. We have hand-picked a large selection of amazing and exciting movies from Hollywood. But first, look at our different halls for a true adventure with perfect audio and visual effects.

Whether you choose MAX to escape into worlds that are larger than life with the mega-screen designed for the biggest blockbusters and digital surround sound while relaxing on spacious premium view seats with armrest, side table and extra legroom and tasting delicious popcorn and nachos.

Or enjoying your heroes' journey to the galaxy with a menu of delicacies dishes and drinks at THEATRE.

Exploring future with best science–fiction movies

You can relax after a tiring day and go on  an exciting experience with science fiction movies and travel with us through the galaxy and defend human being with the series of Star Wars or a grinding war between superheroes and villains, like Marvel Cinematic Universe series of superhero films.

We have selected a collection of the latest science – fiction films for you, book now.

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