Films are not just for fun. The best documentaries educate and entertain us at the same time. From Earth documentaries and the wonders of our wonderful planet to real-life events and some groundbreaking works. We at VOX Cinemas in Qatar, carefully select the latest documentaries from all parts of the world, to bring you closer to the harsh cold in Poland in Frozen Planet, or to push you into the depths of the wild arid desert. We guarantee you a new experience with stunning cinematography and thought-provoking messages, by offering you many ways to watch documentaries.

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Your gateway to the best documentaries

Documentary films help to draw attention to some important issues in our societies. This type of movie can be entertaining and enjoyable as well as inspiring and motivational. If you are a fan of old world and historical documentaries, or if you are looking for the secrets of a real story, or even want to explore the mysteries of enchanting nature, documentaries will transport you on its wings across the world, and make you experience emotions may not have felt before. It can make you grateful that you are alive or celebrate all the blessings that surround you.

Stay informed of everything new and open your eyes to the breadth of our wonderful world with the latest documentary movies at VOX Cinemas in Qatar.