Latest Adventure movies showing now at VOX Cinemas Qatar

Buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey of fantasy and suspense. Enter new worlds and enjoy unparalleled experiences, with adventure films from VOX Cinemas in Qatar, the place where we have collected a wealth of the most beautiful and the pinnacle of Hollywood films. You will find the right movie for whatever genre you like, whether it’s wild adventures or science fiction between galaxies, in the seas or over the mountains. We guarantee you at VOX Cinemas a unique experience that you will never forget.

You can expect a lot of excitement and suspense, in every adventure movie that you choose to watch in our Cinemas. We have chosen the most wonderful adventure films for you at VOX Cinemas in Qatar, while we make sure that your exciting experience is extremely relaxing by providing you comfortable and spacious seats.

Engage in the Adventure.

With the wide edge-to-edge MAX screens that transport you beyond the real worlds, you will feel like you are at the heart of an adventure, as you experience it in every detail.

The Best Movie needs the Best Food, so, you can, at VOX Cinemas in Qatar, combine movie watching with fine dining meals when you choose to try our THEATRE experience.

Give yourself a short break from the pace of the daily work and go to the world of excitement with our distinctive collection of classic and brand-new adventure films. Click on what’s on to browse the latest adventure movies showing now in cinemas.