Latest action movies showing now at VOX Cinemas Qata

Choose your favorite part of action films, whether it is Arnold Schwarzenegger's fight movies, the speedy Vin Diesel chase, the breath-taking scenes of Tom Cruise putting himself in the dangling belt at 1,700 feet off the ground, or James Bond the secret agent of difficult missions, and do not settle for a boring night without any action.

VOX Cinemas in Qatar guarantees you will have wonderful and unforgettable nights full of anticipation, thrill and enthusiasm. Therefore, we’ve handpicked the finest selection of action films from Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond. Simply select how you want to watch either on the huge 20-meter-wide mega-screen designed for the biggest blockbusters at MAX. or with a curved screen that fills your field of vision and gives you an incredible feeling of immersion, spacious and comfortable seats with the perfect viewing angle, or you can opt to enjoy gourmet cuisine while relaxing in the comfy seat at THEATER.

So, what are you waiting for! Call your friends and book your tickets now!